Katapult Accelerator

Build the world you

want to live in

We believe in making a positive impact. We believe in technology as the key driver for change. We believe in the untapped talent of the world. Apply now to join the Katapult Accelerator starting July 31st in Oslo, Norway.

Our Focus

We are fueled and inspired by our deep belief in exponential technology. We believe these technologies such as AI and Blockchain can help impact focused startups scale faster while solving real global problems.

Environmental Domains

  • Clean Energy
  • Resource Efficency
  • Smart Cities
  • Circular Economy
  • Ocean & Land Use

Societal Domains

  • Food & Water
  • Education
  • Health
  • Diversity, Inclusion and Democracy
  • Thriving Societies & Collaboration

Exponential Technologies

  • AI
  • Blockchain
  • VR/AR
  • IoT

The details

Starts July 31st 2017

in Oslo and NYC

What we offer

  • Fast paced, hands on program to help scale your business
  • Access to a global network of leading thematic mentors
  • Dedicated expertise to unleash potential of AI in your business
  • Investment into your company as part of the accelerator program
  • Access to further capital and investors to support your company

Team and mentors

  • Tharald Nustad
  • Partner, Katapult Accelerator
  • Anders H. Lier
  • Partner, Katapult Accelerator
  • Haakon Brunell
  • Managing Partner, Katapult Accelerator
  • Sean Percival
  • Operating Partner, Katapult Accelerator
  • Sagar Chandna
  • CTO, Katapult Accelerator
  • Maria-Katarina T. Michelsen
  • Operations, Katapult Accelerator
  • Micah Baldwin
  • Mentor, Amazon
  • Anita Schjøll Brede
  • Advisor, AI Expert & CEO of IrisAI
  • Johan Brand
  • Advisor, Founder Kahoot!
  • Fredrik Næss Thomassen
  • Mentor, CEO of Konsus
  • Barbara Hueppe
  • Mentor, Gelato and Mozilla
  • Sebastian Fitko
  • Mentor, innogy Innovation Hub
  • Murat Aktihanoglu
  • Mentor, Director ERA
  • Erik Bertrand Larsen
  • Mentor, International Best Selling Author & Mental Trainer
  • Diana Biggs
  • Mentor, Blockchain Expert
  • Tristan Pollock
  • Mentor, Partner 500 Startups
  • Rajeev Kapoor
  • Mentor, Health and Big Data Expert
  • David Sønstebø
  • Mentor, Blockchain Expert
  • Ida Faldbakken
  • Leader, Katapult Future Fest
  • Isabell Ringnes
  • Mentor, co-Founder of TENK
  • Jonathan Axelrod
  • Mentor, Director ERA
  • Maria Amelie
  • Mentor, Journalist
  • Laura N. Montoya
  • Mentor, AI Expert
  • Pål Brun
  • Mentor, Cleantech Expert
  • Andreas Thorsheim
  • Advisor, Solar & CEO Otovo
  • Thomas Berglund
  • Mentor, Angel Challenge
  • Marie Mostad
  • Mentor, Founder Inzpire.me
  • Matt Ellsworth
  • Mentor, Growth Partner 500 Startups
  • Lars Johan Bjørkevoll
  • Mentor, Chief Growth Officer Xeneta
  • Thomas Schindler
  • Mentor, Founder at delodi

100+ More Mentors to be Announced Soon!

Our partner

ERA is New York’s leading startup accelerator with 127 investments since 2011 through its accelerator and seed fund, leveraging its network of more than 350 mentors and dozens of industry partners. ERA has also worked with the Norwegian Government to run the Norwegian New York Accelerator since 2016. ERA has now partnered with Katapult, using its expertise to help Katapult companies expand and succeed in the US and around the world.

Our Friends

The Katapult

Future Fest

Katapult Future Fest is not your average technology conference. It’s a three day festival in Oslo, Norway focusing on the combination of exponential technologies, impact investing, new forms of collaboriation and future society. Come meet the Katapult Accelerator team and learn more about the program and get a chance to pitch your company right at the event. Learn more.

  • May 11–12, 2017
  • Oslo, Norway

Just a few of the confirmed speakers

  • Larry Brilliant
  • Amit Pradahan
  • Alán Aspuru-Guzik
  • Toni Lane Casserly
  • Seth Bannon
  • Nichol Bradford
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